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Our Team

We are a group of passionate people helping you to grow within the industry.

Executive Team

Our Team

Paloma Fernandes has worked with the Cereal Millers Association for the past 15 years and is the Chief Executive Officer.

Her main area of responsibility is stakeholder engagement with Government bodies and NGO’s for various issues pertaining to food security, food safety, food taxes, tariff barriers within the region, providing recommendations and feedback on bills related to basic food items as well as meeting with relevant ministers in the Government. She has been very active in programs focusing on reducing aflatoxin in the food chain including application of agri-innovations such as agri-biotechnology and fortification in the food industry. She is passionate about food safety and works with the CMA to provide safe and affordable food to the consumers.

She is an executive board member of the Agriculture Sector Network (ASNET) , a member of the steering committee of the Accelerated Value Crop Development (AVCD), a member of the National Food Safety Coordinating Committee (NFSCC), a member of the Improved Cassava Stakeholder Committee (ICSC) & former Director of the National Biosafety Authority among others.

Our Team

Stephen Ogallo has worked at the Cereal Millers Association since 2015 in the capacity of Operations Manager.

His main responsibilities include ensuring a smooth running of day-to-day activities of the association, review and implement internal and external policies and strategies, participate in government related initiatives, legislative reviews, liaise with key stakeholders such as the farmers groups, government agencies and regulators. He works closely with the team to deliver various other programs that ensures CMA members provide safe and affordable food to the consumers. Over the last seven years, Steven has been running Kenya’s wheat programme, where CMA members have to buy all the local wheat at premium prices to protect local wheat farming, prior to them being allowed to import wheat.

Having worked for international organizations like Intrahealth International before joining the CMA, his capacity and experience in the areas of procurement and logistics, finance and business administration has invaluably contributed to the growth of the association.

The Executive Team works with a group of consultants (Finance, IT, Data Analytics, Public Relations and Communication, Legal, Policy, Taxation) and subject matter experts (Research, Capacity Building, Market Surveillance, Monitoring and Evaluation, Proficiency Testing) in the day to day running of the association.

The Board

Vice Chairman

Mitesh Patel

Vice Chairman

Munir Thabit


Beju Shah

Affiliate Member Rep.

Carlson Kimkung

Affiliate Member Rep.
Immediate Past Chair

Mohamed Islam Ali

Immediate Past Chair

Regional Chapter Chairs

Southern Region

Abdulgani Pasta

Southern Region
Nairobi Region

Mohammed Khalif

Nairobi Region
Central Region

Alpesh Shah

Central Region
Western Region

Joseph Choge

Western Region

Our Partners

Technical Partners


Regulators/Government Agencies

University of Nairobi
African Milling School

Cereal Growers Association (CGA)
Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM)

Public Health
National Biosafety Authority
Office of The President

National Treasury
Ministry of Agriculture
Ministry of Industrialization
Ministry of EAC
National Food Safety Coordinating Committee (NFSCC)
National Cereal and Produce Board (NCPB)